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This blog is for educational information only. All the following information regarding education is kept here.

 Every information put here is for public use.  Through the Internet, everyone can read this information and share it with others.  This means no personal or inappropriate information is left here.

 Information regarding primary and secondary education is put here.  Like ...
 Study Material for Std. 1 to 8 - Study Std for Std. 9th to 12th
  •  Unit Wise Videos, Unit Test Model Question Papers, Paper Solution for Students from 1 to 8
  •  Unit test solution
  •  Re: unit test
  •  Project for Primary Education
  •  Science experiments
  •  Social science project
  •  All the literature for Pragya class standard 1-2
  •  Linguistics Program Book Solution
  •  Primary - Secondary circulars
  •  Literature for Mission Education
  •  Useful leaflets and files for teachers and school pdf and word file
  •  Project and other literature for competent teacher training
  •  Information about Ssa gujarat

 All the above information and literature is available here for free to every student, teacher, school and every person.  Can be downloaded, shared on social media.

 As the prevalence of primary and secondary education grows, so do the options for it.  Any information can now be accessed through the Internet in minutes.  All the useful information for such education has been specially prepared for use in the field of education and put in the form of e-content which will be useful to everyone.

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