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(Bhashadip week 11 solution) STD 8 Bhashadip  book solution week-11. You can download bhashadip book solutions for STD 3 to 8 all standards available pdf here. In primary schools STD 3 to 8 all standard bhashadip book activities day to day. Bhashadip activities  all days and all week solution  created by students. This bhashadip solution is very useful for all schools, teachers and students. Bhashadip all materiel available here



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Accountability investigations against government officials / employees are non-formal. According to the principles of natural justice in this procedure, it is necessary to provide sufficient and reasonable opportunity for self-defense to the accused person (s) concerned at each stage. For these and other reasons, it is difficult to dispose of the account investigation cases against the government officer / employee following the procedure outlined in the Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 2. In addition to wasting time, energy and money. The process, delays in disposal cases make employees frustrated and they have to suffer long-term mental distress. In this situation, the expedited investigation of the case against the government officer / employee. For the purpose of disposal, time and energy and money can be prevented if a case is taken up by the Lok Adalat through a mechanism like this, and the chapter can be concluded by resolving an acceptable solution on both sides by the officer / employee. Administrative instructions have been issued through the above resolutions and letters for the implementation of such method as "court". Genre updates to the relevant period of the notifications have been made under renewed consideration to be circulated by the government. All resolutions discussed above, instructions for the letter are included in this resolution, all resolutions and letters taken herein are hereby repealed.

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Dated on reference (1) above the General Administration Department of the Government.  Implemented a revised scheme to provide employment to the dependent family of Class-I and Class-II employees who died during the current employment, with a resolution of 1-3-8.  Cancellation of the scheme on which reference (1).  A scheme of paying higher financial assistance to the dependent family of Class-I and Class-II employees who died during the current employment with a resolution of 1-3-8.  Reference (2)  In the case of Resolution 1 - 3 - 4, in the case of the missing employees of Class-I and Class-II, there was provision to provide employment to their dependents.  However, in the scheme of Higher Financial Assistance implemented under Resolution 3-5, 6 of the General Administration, no provision was made for payment of higher financial assistance to the dependent family member of the missing employees of Class I and IV.  This provision is: 1 - 2 - 3

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BHASHADIP SOLUTION STD-8 (WEEK-11) | Bhashadip book solution 2020 download pdf