College exams postponed: Online exams to be held in Gujarat state colleges have been postponed for now, see instruction

College exams postponed: Online exams to be held in Gujarat state colleges have been postponed for now, see instruction.

Online examination was organized in Gujarat state colleges.  Which was to be launched on 25/06/2020.  But due to unavoidable circumstances, these examinations have been postponed for the time being.  A notification is given by the University Hemchandracharya uttaragujarata HNGU.

Education will start from August 15 in higher secondary and colleges.  All schools in Gujarat will open from September 1: Bhupendrasinh Chudasama. Gujarat Rajya ma Schools Kholva Babat imp News by Education minister

15 August thi Higher secondary ane College ma Shikshan karya sharu Thashe - Shikshan mantri

The Gujarat government has decided to open all schools across the state from September 1.  All standard schools will be closed till August 15. After August 15, in the first phase, colleges and standard 10 and standard 12 schools will be reopened.  Then from September 1, all the schools from standard 1 to 9 and standard 11 will reopen.  State Education Minister Bhupendra Singh Chudasama said this while answering a question about opening a school.  Bhupendrasinh Chudasama also gave important information regarding school fees.

 The government has indicated that state schools cannot raise fees this year.  At the same time, school administrators cannot put pressure on school children or their parents to pay fees.  It may not even create the pressure to collect fees until September.  Bhupendrasinh Chudasama will take stern action against schools for pushing for fees or other expenses. In addition, schools will be allowed to pay a small fee every month instead of paying all the fees at once.  The Education Minister said that schools will not push for textbooks or other literature, transportation, uniforms.

 Schools in the state cannot demand other expenses besides tuition fees.  If the parents of the children want, they can deposit the fees in the school every month instead of paying all the fees together.  The education minister said action would be taken against any school for forcing children to pay fees.  For this, the state education department will keep an eye on all the schools.

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College exams postponed: Online exams to be held in Gujarat state colleges have been postponed for now, see instruction