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STD 4 Bhashadip book solution week-12. You can download bhashadip book solutions for STD 3 to 8 all standards available pdf here. In primary schools STD 3 to 8 all standard bhashadip book activities day to day. Bhashadip activities  all days and all week solution  created by students. This bhashadip solution is very useful for all schools, teachers and students. Bhashadip all materiel available here

The accused has been given an opportunity to make a presentation. In these circumstances, if the relevant officer / employee is not present before the committee due to circumstances beyond their control, his / her services of any retired government officer who is not in the lower grade level of their department or who is Not lower than Class I / 2 as friend assistant. To take action. The officer, who is scheduled to appear before the Committee (as per Annexure-1), may be authorized by the approval of the Committee applying to the sample. No other person shall be able to make a written or oral presentation before the Committee. (2) The proposed punishment shall be reported to the inspiring officer / employee only if the present members of the committee come to a majority decision on the proposed punishment. (2) When deciding on any minor punishment other than those stated in Rule 1 (2), the overall performance, integrity / dishonesty of the officer / employee, lack of integrity / loyalty to the duty, details of other pending account cases and education in previous cases and under consideration. The committee will take appropriate decisions considering all issues, including the seriousness of the allegations / malpractices of the cases presented. (2) When a committee reacts to a decision of an accused officer / employee, it shall decide on the punishment of such officer / employee, with the consent of the prescribed sample in Annexure-1

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Rule-1 of the Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules. The committee will not conduct. The applicant is not required to report the reasons for such cases in detail, but "the Committee of Secretaries investigating the merits of the case does not find the case against them to be conducted under this scheme," the committee will record its record, and Such cases will be known. (1) If the education recommended by the committee is acceptable to the officer / employee, it means that after receiving written consent from them, the committee shall order a small punishment. (1) After considering the record of the inquiry and the presentations of the officer / employee, it is the opinion of the Committee that if the concerned officer / employee does not need to be punished, the Committee orders to be "acquitted" to them. If the committee finds it appropriate to drop the allegations or warn the accused, the committee will be able to take such a decision if the chapter is final. (2) Upon receipt of the order of the committee, the concerned officer / employee of the administrative department or the department of the head shall make formal orders for impeachment / acquittal (to amend the charges). (2) An indictment has been given for the proceedings of a major punishment or a minor punishment, and the committee may have taken action in it, but both parties do not agree to the standard of punishment or

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 to make such an education. As per the scheme, only minor orders are to be made except those mentioned in Rule 1 (2) and this authority is in conformity with the other authority besides the disciplinary officer, as the authority received from the concerned officer / employee, the committee has sent to the department of the administrative department / department to make decreasing orders of education. Will have to give. As per the decision of the Committee, the order of the Administrative Department / Department will be made immediately within one week. Generally, in cases of gazetted officers, education orders must be made by the administrative department and in cases of non-gazetted employees, the orders of education should be made by the heads of the department / officer. (2) A brief note of the proceedings regarding the hearing of the case shall be kept along with the papers / file of the case. The note of the proposed punishment (whether or not the relevant officer / employee accepts the teaching) should be kept in the Notes section of the case. (2) Accordingly, the officer / employee may not appeal against the punishment pursuant to the decision of the committee to conduct a minor punishment with the consent of the officer / employee. Necessary amendment in this regard in Rule-1 of Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 2. Made from the Notification of 9/11. Cases not to be considered by the Committee: (1) The accused has been charged for conduct under a major sentence of Rule 1 and 2 of the Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1 and in the opinion of the Committee. The first-class opinion, out of the major punishments mentioned in Rule 1: 1 to 5. The committee will not take up cases where there is no punishable case.

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BHASHADIP SOLUTION STD-4 (WEEK-12) | Bhashadip book solution 2020 download pdf