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STD 6 Bhashadip book solution week-4. You can download bhashadip book solutions for STD 3 to 8 all standards available pdf here. In primary schools STD 3 to 8 all standard bhashadip book activities day to day. Bhashadip activities  all days and all week solution  created by students. This bhashadip solution is very useful for all schools, teachers and students. Bhashadip all materiel available here

The proposed punishment shall be reported to the inspiring officer / employee only if the present members of the committee come to a majority decision on the proposed punishment. (2) When deciding on any minor punishment other than those stated in Rule 1 (2), the overall performance, integrity / dishonesty of the officer / employee, lack of integrity / loyalty to the duty, details of other pending account cases and education in previous cases and under consideration. The committee will take appropriate decisions considering all issues, including the seriousness of the allegations / malpractices of the cases presented. (2) When a committee reacts to a decision of an accused officer / employee, it shall decide on the punishment of such officer / employee, with the consent of the prescribed sample in Annexure-1, to make such an education. As per the scheme, only minor orders are to be made except those mentioned in Rule 1 (2) and this authority is in conformity with the other authority besides the disciplinary officer, as the authority received from the concerned officer / employee, the committee has sent to the department of the administrative department / department to make decreasing orders of education. Will have to give. As per the decision of the Committee, the order of the Administrative Department / Department will be made immediately within one week. Generally, in cases of gazetted officers, education orders must be made by the administrative department and in cases of non-gazetted employees, the orders of education should be made by the heads of the department / officer

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Accused officers / employees are charged with carrying out small or large punishments, as shown below, under the Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 2 and they have to submit a defense against it. At that point, if the accused is willing to appear before a higher level committee under a court-like mechanism at the stage of submitting the defense, he can apply the prescribed sample. The disciplinary officer will, after that, make a detailed decision at the end of careful consideration and submit the case to the committee within one month. The head of each department / department, as shown in (1) (a) to (c) below, may be entrusted to the High Level Committee constituted by the Government for that purpose. Further, on the basis of cases based on documentary evidence only and no witness testimony is required to be taken by the Special Investigating Officer / retired officer on the panel of the investigating officer, unless a final brief is presented, the committee may consider the cases under the scheme but In which case the witness cases that are to be taken for testimony before the testimony can begin before the committee can consider it. Cases assigned to the retired officer on the panel of the Special Investigation Officer / Inquiry Officer of the Department may be returned to the Secretary of the Department / Head of the Department before the higher level committee, but two days before the day. The retired officer on the panel of the Special Investigation Officer / Audit Officer holds the department's hearing of the case. The relevant papers

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BHASHADIP SOLUTION STD-6 (WEEK-4) | Bhashadip book solution 2020 download pdf