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STD 6 Bhashadip book solution week-7. You can download bhashadip book solutions for STD 3 to 8 all standards available pdf here. In primary schools STD 3 to 8 all standard bhashadip book activities day to day. Bhashadip activities  all days and all week solution  created by students. This bhashadip solution is very useful for all schools, teachers and students. Bhashadip all materiel available here

Vipassana Salim can be a viable option for continuing commitment, ethics, efficiency and professional excellence at every stage of the project as well as bringing about positive change and improvement. For this purpose of noble purpose, it was considered to be present only on the occasion of the training of the officers / employees of this department and all offices under its control, for the purpose of participating in the Vision Training Bureau. Therefore, the following provisions are considered in this regard: Each officer / employee can voluntarily be made into this training. No one can be compelled to participate in this training. ૨. The officers / employees of the offices under this department and all the departments under its control who wish to have this training are required to submit their duties only.

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 When an officer / employee is present, the Committee shall report to them certain details of the minor punishment to be presumed except Rule 3 (3) after hearing their written and oral representation in relation to the allegations given to them and After making the defects made by them. (2) In view of the available evidence, the cases in which the first visible opinion of the Committee of Secretaries is that any one of the major punishments mentioned above, from 1 to 4, should be considered in Rule-1. Rule-1 of the Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules. The committee will not conduct. The applicant is not required to report the reasons for such cases in detail, but "the Committee of Secretaries investigating the merits of the case does not find the case against them to be conducted under this scheme," the committee will record its record, and Such cases will be known. (1) If the education recommended by the committee is acceptable to the officer / employee, it means that after receiving written consent from them, the committee shall order a small punishment. (1) After considering the record of the inquiry and the presentations of the officer / employee, it is the opinion of the Committee that if the concerned officer / employee does not need to be punished, the Committee orders to be "acquitted" to them. If the committee finds it appropriate to drop the allegations or warn the accused, the committee will be able to take such a decision if the chapter is final

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Accused officers / employees are charged with carrying out small or large punishments, as shown below, under the Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 2 and they have to submit a defense against it. At that point, if the accused is willing to appear before a higher level committee under a court-like mechanism at the stage of submitting the defense, he can apply the prescribed sample. The disciplinary officer will, after that, make a detailed decision at the end of careful consideration and submit the case to the committee within one month. The head of each department / department, as shown in (1) (a) to (c) below, may be entrusted to the High Level Committee constituted by the Government for that purpose. Further, on the basis of cases based on documentary evidence only and no witness testimony is required to be taken by the Special Investigating Officer / retired officer on the panel of the investigating officer, unless a final brief is presented, the committee may consider the cases under the scheme but In which case the witness cases that are to be taken for testimony before the testimony can begin before the committee can consider it. Cases assigned to the retired officer on the panel of the Special Investigation Officer / Inquiry Officer of the Department may be returned to the Secretary of the Department / Head of the Department before the higher level committee, but two days before the day. The retired officer on the panel of the Special Investigation Officer / Audit Officer holds the department's hearing of the case. The relevant papers

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BHASHADIP SOLUTION STD-6 (WEEK-7) | Bhashadip book solution 2020 download pdf