Download the PDF of the species list in the Out of ST Scheduled Tribe Backward category. The list of species belonging to different categories has been placed by the Gujarat Government. Such as species list in the SC category, overcrowded category of SEBC, overpriced category of ST, list in the EBC category, species in the ST category, list in the MINORITY category, list of Species in the Wondering and the Free category. What species is included in all these categories? They are declared by the official Gujarat Government. This is useful and important information for people of all castes of Gujarat. See the details below to download this pdf and for more information.

People are always searching online in Google and elsewhere to see the list of categories of the Gujarat Government's species category.
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From here you can view the following information and also download the pdf.


Download the PDF of the species list in the SC category

he expresses in good faith the designation of such trade-employee of the Government employees for the security or improvement of the conditions of such Government employees.  No comments in this section will be applicable to the views made. Download by PARIPA (1) (2)  The fact or opinion that troubles the relationship between the State and any State Government, or the fact that the Central Government and any foreign Government have trouble in the relations: But the Government employee has to make any statement or opinion in this Rule while fulfilling his or her assigned duties.  No quotes will apply

Download a PDF of the species list in the overcrowded category of the SEBC

Human Management Resource Service (HRMS) within the whole education.  As stated above, the deputed, contract based and outsourced personnel are operating from the state level to the district, taluka, cluster and KJBV under the entire education.  All these employees must have a database.  With that in mind, this office is planning to build Human Management Resource Service (HRMS) software in the near future.  Which will be a beneficial factor for the use of office and employees.  In this regard, the software has to fill in the information of all the employees working from the BRC, CRC, URC, district / corporation to the block level

Download the PDF of the species list in the overpriced category of ST

Whenever a party takes any legal action in the interest of the Government, in the interest of the Government, as a part of the duties conferred on it by the public servants who have accepted the service of the State Government, at any time, the concerned The person is offended by such action against such policemen. A complaint is lodged, and the chargesheet is omitted against F when receiving a final report submitted rajyasevako. I. R. With the registration, all its information comes into the present papers, which adversely affects their morale,

Download the PDF of the species list in the EBC category

Ayurveda is the oldest and most complete medical system in the world. Ayurveda is the first of all available healing modalities, which removes all diseases from the body and makes a person physically and mentally healthy and well. The basic purpose of Ayurveda is to keep everyone healthy and happy in all ways, which ultimately creates a healthy society and a relaxed social environment. Ayurveda for the purification of the body, the special treatment system makes a person mentally and physically healthy through various medications such as Panchakarma and Kuda. Ayurveda advises the adoption of medical practices

Download the PDF of the list of species in the ST category

the expedited investigation of the case against the government officer / employee. For the purpose of disposal, time and energy and money can be prevented if a case is taken up by the Lok Adalat through a mechanism like this, and the chapter can be concluded by resolving an acceptable solution on both sides by the officer / employee. Administrative instructions have been issued through the above resolutions and letters for the implementation of such method as "court". Genre updates to the relevant period of the notifications have been made under renewed consideration to be circulated by the government. All resolutions discussed above, instructions for the letter are included in this resolution, all resolutions and letters taken herein are hereby repealed.

Download the PDF of the species list in the MINORITY category

Cases assigned to the retired officer on the panel of the Special Investigation Officer / Inquiry Officer of the Department may be returned to the Secretary of the Department / Head of the Department before the higher level committee, but two days before the day. The retired officer on the panel of the Special Investigation Officer / Audit Officer holds the department's hearing of the case. The relevant papers / department heads will be returned to the investigating officer in an indefinite manner on the day of the hearing, the papers / file will be returned to the head of the department / account for submission to the papers / file committee. (3) (a) Cases in which charges have been made for conduct of a major punishment under Rules 1 and 2 of the Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules

Download a PDF of the List of Species in the Wondering and the Free Category

Parivartan: Vipassana is an ancient meditation for meditation. This training, provided free of charge, can be undertaken by anyone without discrimination of any religion, caste, creed and nationality. Vidyalaya's training camps are organized in different places of the state, through questioning centers in the vicinity of Ahmedabad, Kutch, Rajkot, Palitana, Navsari, Mehsana, etc. in the state of Gujarat. Vision training allows each employee to perform their assigned tasks effectively and is extremely useful in maintaining the mental direction of their behavior patterns, ie maintaining mental health, as well as the departmental staff who are also healthy through this training. In addition, there is also a possibility of positive change in the behavior of citizens