Why is the color of a bike or car tire always so black? Learn General Knowledge

Why is the color of a bike or car tire always so black? Learn General Knowledge

We see hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the roads every day. Whether it's a bicycle, scooter, bike, car, truck or big vehicle - you've probably noticed that the color of its tire is always black.

Why ? Have you ever thought, you've ever had such a question.

So let's know the reason behind that

Have a bike or a car or any big vehicle ... Why is the color of the tire always black? Know with scientific reason

Why Tyre Color Black
Why Tyre Color Black

You, me, or maybe we all never pay attention to why the color of a car's tires is always black. Why not have red, yellow or white instead? The companies that make these tires always keep the color of all tires black. Tires are black, whether in India or abroad. So let's know the reason behind that ...

You probably know that these tires are made of rubber and even the color of the rubber is silvery. So how did these tires turn black? In fact when making this tire, its color is changed and this gray color is made from black tire. This process is called vulcanization.

Natural rubber is not very strong and soon rubs off. When the tire has to run on rough surfaces on the road. So that natural rubber can't last long. That is why carbon black is added to it. This makes the rubber stronger and does not dissipate sooner. Apart from this carbon is added sulfur.
The addition of carbon black makes it darker and also protects it from ultra violet rays. The colorful tires you see in the children's bicycle, which you must see in the children's bicycle, are seen as the tire runs low on the road and does not mix carbon black as it is also of low quality rubber.

So now you can understand why the color of the tire is always black. If we like this information, we will send it to your friends so they too can know.
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