std-5 October Ekam Kasoti Model Paper Download

Download the sample question papers specially prepared for the unit test to be taken in the month of October for standard 5 PDF. This model paper will be very useful for the best preparation of the exam. And the preparation can also be done well.

Download Std.5 Model Paper PDF
Gujarat Education Department conducts unit test every Saturday of the month. This unit is especially useful for evaluating test students. This evaluates the children. Therapeutic work is done by evaluating the unit after evaluating it. A re-test is also taken at the end of this remedial work.

This test is conducted in all subjects like Gujarati, Mathematics, Environment, English, Science. Tests are taken for a total of 25 marks. And its marks are also entered by scanning online through the question wise online "Saral Data" application.

Test question papers are prepared by GCERT. And sent to all schools in the state by email on the day before the test i.e. on Friday.

Here a model paper has been prepared with the intention of being useful for this test and placed for the use of the students. Download and use it.

The Central Government of India has announced a "Special Festival Advance Scheme" for Government Employment.  Cash vouchers and Rs 10,000 will also be available for the festivals and more than 1 crore employees will benefit from the scheme.

The central government has made this big announcement to boost the country's economy and alleviate the growing economic woes during the current festive season.  Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaram made a big announcement of additional cash vouchers and festival advance scheme under this scheme (LTC).  Under the announced scheme, more than 1 crore employees of the country will also be given a cash voucher under the Leave Travel Concession (LTC).  In addition, under the "Festival Advance Scheme", all employees will be given Rs.  Up to Rs 10,000 will also be provided.

 Model Papers For Unit Test

 Under this Yojana, a government employee will also get a cash voucher of Rs.  While all employees of public sector banks will also directly benefit from this.  Cash payments in lieu of this LTC which will be digital will be available for 2018-21.  Under this scheme only train or plane fare will be paid and the fare will also be tax free.  For this calculation, the employee's rent and other expenses should be three times the total.  Secondly, the purchased goods or other services must be taken from the seller who is registered in GST and all such payments have to be made digitally.

 The finance minister also said that this could generate about Rs 28,000 crore in the road economy through the expenditure incurred by central and state employees.

 According to the information given by the Finance Minister under the Festival Advance Scheme, the Festival Advance Scheme has been re-launched only once this year.  Now all types of employees will be given an advance of Rs 10,000, and they can deposit this amount in 10 installments.  Which will only be available until March 31, 2021.

Monthly pension forms are provided to all the elderly persons over the age of 60 years from the Government of India. The target is to provide some money for the purpose that each elderly can live on. With the use of money, all such people can live their lives.

When an officer / employee is present, the Committee shall report to them certain details of the minor punishment to be presumed except Rule 3 (3) after hearing their written and oral representation in relation to the allegations given to them and After making the defects made by them. (2) In view of the available evidence, the cases in which the first visible opinion of the Committee of Secretaries is that any one of the major punishments mentioned above, from 1 to 4, should be considered in Rule-1. Rule-1 of the Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules.

 The committee will not conduct. The applicant is not required to report the reasons for such cases in detail, but "the Committee of Secretaries investigating the merits of the case does not find the case against them to be conducted under this scheme," the committee will record its record, and Such cases will be known. (1) If the education recommended by the committee is acceptable to the officer / employee, it means that after receiving written consent from them, the committee shall order a small punishment.

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std-5 October Ekam Kasoti Model Paper Download



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