The melodious sound of a bird - the wonder of today's technology. Click on the picture of the bird - will be heard

The melodious sound of a bird - the wonder of today's technology. Click on the picture of the bird - will be heard

The picture of the bird given at this link will zoom in on any bird and its melodious sound will be heard.

Here is a list of the best films of his actor Sushant Singh Rajput - the memorable role he played during his seven year career in Bollywood.

The 34-year-old Bollywood actor died early this morning, and as his suicide probe continues, all fans turned to social media to express their grief and disbelief. During his short career, Rajput recorded many characters, including real-life hero MS Dhoni. She starred on the silver screen of Integrated Television and quickly achieved success with her debut film Kai Po Chethi, which many newcomers cannot be proud of. His foundation is full of great films, and here are a few things we will always remember as a young actor.

His first film "Kai Po Che" was a successful transition from television to film and won the Filmfare Best Man Debut Award. He has previously acted in popular series like Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil and Pius Rishta. This adaptation of Chetan Bhagat's book 'Three Mistakes My F My Life' introduced Sushant Singh Rajput to the stars, mainly because he was well acquainted.

If the status of the young actor of the paid pay generation had not yet been established, he was sealed by "pure original romance". This film about the illusion of a thousand years of relationship, "Phobia of Commitment, Relationship with Lives", works with runaway men and brides, and explores the notion of love without social constructions. At that time, Rajput got a permanent place in the list of favorite actors of the country.

Sushant Singh Rajput as MS Dhoni is the best actor in the history of this life. He is a native of the small town of Ranchi and lives mostly as the captain of the Indian cricket team. This film is loved by one and everyone, whether he is interested in cricket with Dhoni or not. And because of this Sushant is often praised.

His debut film ‘Kai Po Che’ won him the Filmfare Best Male Debut Award, establishing a successful transition from television to films. Before this, he had acted in popular serials such as ‘Kis Desh Main Hai Meraa Dil’ and ‘Pavitra Rishta’. This adaption of Chetan Bhagat’s book ‘The Three Mistakes of My Life’ launched Sushant Singh Rajput to stardom, largely because he was just so good in it.

His first film ‘Kai Po Che’ was successfully transferred from television to film and won the Filmfare Best Man Award. He has appeared in many popular films like Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil and Pavitra Rishta. This eclipse of Chetan Bhagat's book Three Mistakes My Life introduced Sushant Singh Rajput to the stars, especially since he knew them so well.


Birds Voice Amazing Technology Touch Anywhere

Between the vertebrate fauna, birds are the most abundant group in all the natural environments of our country. The rivers, far from being an exception, are home to several  bird species: some are the going to eat, nest or rest, others follow the course of the river as a migratory route middle the European and African continents.

The Blauet finds in our latitudes a temperature and conditions that are ideal for the residing throughout the year, especially in rivers and other masses of water.

The showing of birds in the rivers is very clear in winter. The leafy trees let us see these inhabitants, which are the also more abundant and, in general, larger in size than those that usually exist during the longest time. In the spring and summer, Still, they do not look so much but they feel like singing a lot because the leaves cover them. If we are not experts in the songs, their identification becomes relatively complex.

The warming of the planet in the last decades is causing very notable alterations in the structure and functioning of the natural systems. In the special context of the Mediterranean region, it is difficult to identify changes in the rivers linked to climate change because they are already highly regulated and altered by the excessive gatherings and diverse infrastructure. Leaving this aside, recent studies seem to indicate that the situations of low levels of rivers and the frequency of extreme events, from droughts to river banks, are the already increasing. As for birds, birth chants and reproductive activity are the already detected with one or two weeks of advancement and migrations with the advances and delays. This can be lead, for example, to poor synchronization with the obtainability of food, whether it is of vegetable origin (fruits) or animal (emergence of aquatic insects, activity of the amphibians, rodents, other bird species, etc.)