Educational Games for Kids; Useful game for all children, 8 different game types including coloring.

Kids Learning Usful Application Karanpur Drawing and Like of Kind. Useful game for all children | 8 different game types including coloring.
An app that helps children develop reasoning with a joke. Download this game and have fun

Learning Games offers children eight educational games, ideal for children, preschoolers and preschoolers.

This game is a fun and entertaining way to teach children letters, numbers, letters, colors and sounds.

Well designed and developed for children ages 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Educational games for kids are one of the most popular games for boys and girls.

Kids love these learning games and play them for a long time.

Easy to play Kids can play this game at once and everywhere.

When playing fun, you must know what the outcome is and motivate the children to action.

Download now and play for free!

Designed for mobile phones and desktops.

Languages: English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

We design learning games designed for kids, preschoolers and toddlers.

The program includes 8 learning games:

Add that point to the game

Point game is a fun game that teaches children the correct order of numbers and letters.

You can combine numbers with the number of letters in the order of 1-2-2 or August Gust.

When properly covered, it will withstand harsh conditions and sometimes freeze.

Marines, a zoo, astronauts, rockets and clowns are some of the wonders of this game.

Animal sounds

It is a fun animal and fun animal game program to teach animals how to play.

Children want to hear the voice of their favorite animal.

Animals, wildlife, pets, birds, mammals and marine life are waiting to give birth to your babies.

The game brings the sounds of cute animals such as cats, dogs, cows, horses, sheep, chickens, goats, corals, birds, donkeys, cats, pigeons, chickens, bears, bees, bees, lizards and elephants.

Use loud noises and animals.


Coloring books include coloring books that develop children's thinking and improve their thinking.

Kids can easily choose the colors they want and create colors easily.

Yes the difference in color and function and beautiful pictures in the collection.

Airplane, Gender, Car, Mouth, Helicopter, Cattle, Boat, Crab, Train, Fish, Car, Dolphin, Squirrel, Goat, Whale, Sea Turtle, Reptile and Donkey - Colorful Images.

Play games

In appropriate games, children finish the game by adding the same items.

Animals, shapes, fruits and toys are different in appearance.

Memory game

In memory games, children try to see similar things by looking at memory cards.

Memory cards contain pictures of animals, corpses, fruits, and toys.

Play games

The children complete the picture by placing the puzzle in the right places.

The game offers very impressive titles like farm animals, fish, cars, cars and space.

Causes of transportation problems include cars, race cars, engines, ships, planes and trains.

Horses, cows, chickens, hens, chickens, hens and sheep are all involved in farming.

Puzzle for numbers

In the picture, the children touch a piece of the puzzle and see the whole picture.

Shadow problem

In the puzzle, children complete a real picture of their object object by drawing their picture.

The game has many puzzles, including cars, animals, fish, fruits and shapes.

Useful game for all children | 8 different game types including coloring.

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