Kanyadan Yojana - the bright future of daughters for "LIC Kanyadan Yojana"

Kanyadan Yojana 2021. New LIC for girls. Plan

About the existence of LIC scheme

If you are looking to implement the 2021 plan, you have come to the right place. ,

You can calculate fees, bonuses and benefits through the Access Access program. In addition, the existing LIC policy premium schedule is available for easy understanding in LIC policy documents. Circumstances of escaping from a love policy prosperity plan are different, but there is a better plan for the daughter of both.

Today, LIC has become the largest insurance company in India. If you are worried about her daughter’s future, you can agree to this LIC policy for her. This LIC program is specifically designed to marry girls. The name of this policy is "Plan".

Government online portal for farmers to know various schemes. Find out what benefits and subsidy schemes are currently running, and how to apply.? Get full details from this portal

iKhedut - Gujarat State Portal is one of the best facilities for our farmers. He checks the plan of the portal and all the details

The state has achieved an average agricultural growth rate of more than 10% in the last decade. For the first time in the country, the state has introduced innovative programs like Krishi Mahotsav and Soil Health Card. Subsidy and form Fill out the form online.

What is online registration application ?
iKhedut - Cpolicy Gujarat Dictory through Gujarat State Portal is the official portal of the Government of Gujarat. All information related to agriculture is available on this portal. All information related to subsidy, planning, weather, market price, new scheme, agriculture is available on this iKhedut - Gujarat State Portal.

Which document is required?
1) 8 / A original
2) Xerox of bank passbook
3) Xerox Entry Clerk Xerox
4) Xerox of the cast certificate

  • Write the farmer's regular mobile number on the farmer's name on the right side of the application.
  • Must necessarily be reconciled with all evidence, otherwise the application will be denied.
  • After applying the application, he will be able to buy it from a recognized company-merchant.
  • After applying online, the village service has to be submitted in the application along with the application of application-7
  • Farmers who have received equipment subsidy should not be implemented first otherwise computer will be applicable which you will cancel.
  • Those only apply to farmers who want to take the device
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