The story of an Indian Global Teacher Award winning primary teacher who also donated Rs 7 crore and a half

ઈન્ડિયન ગ્લોબલ ટીચર એવોર્ડ વિજેતા પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષકની સ્ટોરી.  જેમણે 7 કરોડ રૂપિયા ઈનામ મળ્યા તેના અર્ધા દાન કરી દીધા (The story of an Indian Global Teacher Award winning primary teacher. Those who received a prize of Rs 7 crore donated half of it)

🔷 ભારતના આ પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષકને મળ્યો ગ્લોબલ ટીચર એવોર્ડ
🔷 વિજેતા રાશિના 7 કરોડ રુપિયાના અડધા હિસ્સાનું કર્યું દાન
👌🏻 એવું તો શું કાર્ય કર્યું હતું આ શિક્ષકે જાણો સંપૂર્ણ સ્ટોરી
દરેક શિક્ષકમિત્રોને વાંચવા લાયક આ પ્રાથમિક શિક્ષકની કહાની શેર કરો

This primary teacher from India received the Global Teacher Award. Donated half of the winning amount of Rs. 7 crore, See the full story of what this teacher did. Share the story of this primary teacher worth reading to every teacher friend

Mumbai: Maharashtra has received the Global Teacher Award for its efforts in promoting primary school girls' education through education and their connection with technology. The 32-year-old winner, Ranjit Singh Diesel, weighed 10 pounds (about 73 million varnishes). Ranjit DeSal announced that he would give half the money to his teammates.

Schools are completely closed during the Taj. Digital learning happens in schools, but it is not enough. Special girls are left behind because she can't move anymore. On the other hand, the education of girls in the small villages of the country at that time was a major contributor.

It is happening in Paritewadi village of Solapur district of Maharashtra. When Diesel came to primary school in 2009, the school was in a very bad condition. The name of the house, which the school named, was weak. It looks like they came to work with animals and in the warehouse. People are not interested in educating their sons and especially their daughters because they believe that this will not change anything.

Ranjit Singh Desal personally translated the books into his native language. (Photo-Twitter)

Ranjit Singh Deesal took steps to change this. Going from house to house, preparing parents for their children's education is not just a job. Another problem is that the textbooks are in English. Disley then translated the books into the original language. He also introduced the technology introduced G. This technology has provided QR codes that allow students to participate in video conferencing and listen to poems and stories in their native language. Since then the level of child marriage in the city and its environment has been steadily declining.

This teacher from Solapur did this before putting the QR code in the Maharashtra textbook. The failure did not stop again. In 2017, he offered to link all education with the Maharashtra government. Diesel's speech was then held at the pre-test level, and finally the government announced that they would roll out QR textbooks in all categories in the state. Now the NCERT has also issued this statement.

Desail, a primary school teacher in Solapur, has received the highest award from teachers around the world for his efforts. The award was launched in 2014 to award outstanding teachers for outstanding co

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The story of an Indian Global Teacher Award winning primary teacher who also donated Rs 7 crore and a half