How to write a colorful or stylish text in message on WhatsApp ?

How to write a colorful or stylish text main message on WhatsApp ...? with Stylish Text - Fonts, Keyboard, Stickers & Symbols Android App

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Some of my friends asked how we would write stylish on whatsapp
So how do we write color text on WhatsApp?
Some logos are also employed by Google to find a stylish way to write
How to write in stylish fonts on Whatsapp
How to write a message in colored text on WhatsApp
How to write a message in colorful stylish text on WhatsApp

Download Stylish Text - Fonts, Keyboard, Stickers & Symbols Android App

So if you are researching these questions on Google otherwise you do not even have the skills to write a message on WhatsApp in colorful stylish text, then you choose to read this post to the top because we are in the midst of this post today. It simply came to our notice then that this trick is very simple, so let's take it easy

Bold Text:

Enter the word that you want to write bold without * or without dark area *.

  • Example: - If we want to write bold for hi, add * hi * and it will show you hi.

 Italic text:

Italic text means to show the diagonal of a word

The word you want to write in Italian will be shown to you during page _ or back.

  • Example: -Whoever writes this italic for us, we will show it this way _ _ _, it will show this for us.

Strikethrough text:

Strictthrough text means the word has been truncated

The word you want to write in a strictthrough style should start on each side and end without space.

  • Example: - If you want to write ~ hi down, it will look like this, it will look like this for you, you will also see the screenshot below.

Fancy Keyboard: -

This keyboard application lets you compose and send colorful text and really stylish text messages.

Fancy text for WhatsApp: -

With the help of this application you can also write and send very stylish or colorful text

These two apps are very easy to download and use from Playstore.

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So friends, we hope you like this post, don't forget to share with your friends for this post, or if you have any questions, please leave a comment in the comments box. Answers .. Dene ki puri kosis karenge phir ek navi post ke shaath milete hai

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