Xtra Class App For ZEE & NEET Exam, Class 5 to 12 Students Gujarat

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The Xtra Class application provides a real digital learning platform for 5-10 Popular Students, GSEB (Gujarati average) as well as NMMS study courses and entrance exams like JEE, NEET (Gujarati average). Our main effort is to provide students with practical information in the form of video learning materials and to offer reading specialization designed for their areas.

We are committed to students, so we have tried to provide material that shows interest in learning. In addition to taking exams, we guarantee that students will also enjoy learning.

This is part of the plan approved by the Government of India for Digital India.

Our app takes students intelligently and foolishly to learn directly.

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We call it ...

• Standard 5-10 book manual, test pages, answers, main answers.

• NCERT Textbook (GCERT) PDF (chapter)

• GSEB PDF text (new 2020)

• Rules 1 and 12 manuals

• STD 5-10. MCQ do

• Standard mathematical solutions between 5 and 10

• Old questionnaires

• Balshrushti section

• Tools for IMP students

• Gujarat Room Gujarati Room

• 5-10 equal videos for math, science, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit.

• All ten books in Gujarati

• Levels 5 and 10 All content in the Guestbook

• NMMS training material

• NMMS User Manual

• 11th, 12th grade science (physics, chemistry, math, biology)

• NEET, JEE material test

• NEET, JEE test video

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The Xtra Class application provides free courses, online courses, exam sets, homework and study preparation materials for the Gujarat State Assembly. GSEB Chapter Math and science answers, curriculum, last year’s questions, example documents, exam notes, formula sheets and many more for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and other NMMS. IIT JEE Break Course, NEET Break Course, NDA Break Course and long term courses as well

CPOLICY.IN - Here all the information related to primary and secondary education is kept. Such as Bhashadip Book Solution, Sva Adhyayanpothi Solution, STD 1 To 12 Model Papers, Answer Key, Academic Circulars, all useful information for students and study material for every subject such as ... Except for Gujarati Study Material, Hindi Subject Study Material, Science Study Material, Mathematics Study Material, English Study Material, material for all types of literature and subjects is put here. Useful information for primary and secondary teachers, computer Rise files or leaflets which are used for teachers and all other information, all the information that is useful in the study are kept here. Teachers and students can get all the information they need from here and they can comment here and give feedback about the information as well as ask for the information they need. is a web portal for educational news and information.