What is ICT Lab?

One of the popular inventions when it comes to Edtech innovation is ICT Lab. So let's start with the first one.

What is ICT Lab?

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology and was first introduced in India in 2004. The Department for Education amended the ICT policy in 2010 to allow secondary students to learn with a mix of technology in the classroom. The Ministry of Education has again revised the policy, which we will discuss later in the blog.

This is where it all began: the origins of the ICT Lab
The main responsibility of schools and teachers is to ensure engagement of students in learning to acquire developmental skills and achieve something meaningful in their lives. Hence, people in the education ecosystem are constantly striving to find ways to make learning interactive and engaging for students.

Over the years, technology has been introduced in the classrooms to generate genuine interest in learning among the students through visuals, sound effects and animation. Let's look at the ICT lab then and now.

Early forms of ICT laboratories in schools:

ICT labs now in schools:

Therefore, in March 2022, the Ministry of Education made provisions and introduced a new form of technology for the classrooms. Under this, tablets, laptops, notebooks and charging racks are an important part of the Better ICT Lab scheme. Teachers and students now have ready-to-use solutions that naturally align with their psychology of using a smartphone.

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