NISHTHA Talim Aheval Swadhyay Karya PDF (Module-8) Download Ready to Print

NIshtha Talim Aheval PDF is Available Here in PDF Format Download Ready to Print. 

Nishtha Module-8 Talim "Aheval Swadhyay karya"

NISHTHA Aheval : National Initiative for School Heads and Teachers Holistic Advancement (NISHTHA) Is NCERT or NCTE Training Program for Primary Teachers. This Training Course is Available in DIKSHA Online Platform. This training is Decided in 18 module and Scheduled Day to Day BISAG Program. Here we provide Nishtha Talim Aheval in PDF for All Teachers

NISHTHA Swadhyay karya: Module 2 Aheval And Swadhyay karya for all Principal and Assistant Teachers. This Swadhyay Karya is Provided in pdf File. Also Download and Print Ready to use. Total 18 module wise 1 to 18 all Module Homework available here. 

NISHTHA Module : Many schemes have been launched by the Gujarat government for the farmers. Farmer is an important and very important person for the upliftment / progress of the country. Its development is the development of the same country. That is why special schemes for farmers have been launched by the Government of Gujarat as well as by the Government of India.

Special schemes for various aids and higher studies have been released by the State Government and Government of India. These schemes are especially useful for all the people of India and Gujarat. Plans for farmers, traders, seedmen, various businesses and students who want to study higher.

Monthly pension forms are provided to all the elderly persons over the age of 60 years from the Government of India. The target is to provide some money for the purpose that each elderly can live on. With the use of money, all such people can live their lives.

When an officer / employee is present, the Committee shall report to them certain details of the minor punishment to be presumed except Rule 3 (3) after hearing their written and oral representation in relation to the allegations given to them and After making the defects made by them. (2) In view of the available evidence, the cases in which the first visible opinion of the Committee of Secretaries is that any one of the major punishments mentioned above, from 1 to 4, should be considered in Rule-1. Rule-1 of the Gujarat State Service (Discipline and Appeal) Rules.

 The committee will not conduct. The applicant is not required to report the reasons for such cases in detail, but "the Committee of Secretaries investigating the merits of the case does not find the case against them to be conducted under this scheme," the committee will record its record, and Such cases will be known. (1) If the education recommended by the committee is acceptable to the officer / employee, it means that after receiving written consent from them, the committee shall order a small punishment.

 (1) After considering the record of the inquiry and the presentations of the officer / employee, it is the opinion of the Committee that if the concerned officer / employee does not need to be punished, the Committee orders to be "acquitted" to them. If the committee finds it appropriate to drop the allegations or warn the accused, the committee will be able to take such a decision if the chapter is final

Download NISHTHA Talim Aheval and Swadhyay karya pdf

[ Module - 8 ] 

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