DigiLocker - a simple and secure document wallet, Save driving license, PUC, RC book, vehicle insurance etc.

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How many days can the second session last?. When can the annual board exams of standard 10-12 and other standards be held?. Read this report from Message News

Diwali holiday begins in Diwali province. For the first time, Corona ran non-school schools and offered t-line tuition classes. Classes and courtyards were empty and empty.

Lissy was given a two-week leave before the Diwali celebrations in Scoloma, Gujarat. This time, the main reason for the Diwali holiday from October 29 to November 18 is that the government wants to extend the duration of training after Diwali. The next meeting takes more than 150-1155 days to remember the registration time for the second meeting. After the Diwali holiday, government standard students in Gujarat can call at 9-12. Board exams are usually held in March. It is expected to take place in May next year.

The source said. According to sources, other pranayamas held in April may come up in 2021 every year. In the month of June. It should be noted that schools and universities have been closed for the last seven months with some courses for students online courses and exam online exams.

For the first time in 50 years, Diwali began two weeks before the festival. This means that the academic year for the Gujarat High School Board will be split two to six months after the Diwali school resumes. The first season begins in June. Now 105 days. The match ended on a 21-day Diwali holiday. The 21-day holiday usually starts two-three days before Diwali. Finally Devadivali has.

Sources say the government has declared a Diwali holiday. Feasibility Assessment: The second meeting is scheduled for 40 days. Education Online education continues peacefully in urban areas, but issues such as communication are more for rural students. Thus, the school can be opened after the end of Diwali.

DigiLocker - a simple and secure document wallet, Save driving license, PUC, RC book, vehicle insurance etc.

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