Solar rooftop Yojana Agency List In gujarat – PDF Download

Solar rooftop Yojana Agency List In gujarat – Pdf Download

Gujarat - Download PDF in list of Solar Rooftop Scheme Agency: As a major initiative, the Government of India, under the National Solar Mission, aims to generate 100,000 MW of electricity through solar energy in the country with a contribution of 40,000 MW. Through solar roofs in different regions. Latest News, Job Updates, Techno TG Stay tuned for tips and general information updates, AvkarNews, please share this post with your friends.

To achieve this capacity intensity, Gujarat has been given a target of 8,024 MW of solar power capacity by 2021-22, to which 3,200 MW is to be contributed by the rooftop department.

Establishing large-scale rooftop solar plants is one of the best initiatives, as such plants do not require land. Energy is consumed where it is produced; There will be no element of transmission loss or wheeling loss and such plants will be in the interest of the people as well as the highest in state utilities. Therefore, the government has launched a subsidy scheme for solar roofs in the residential sector with the aim of promoting large-scale rooftop solar systems on the roofs of private homes.

This scheme will be called "Surya-Gujarat" (Surya Urja Yojana-Gujarat) with the following provisions:
Target: The target for solar roofing is to provide 2 lakh customers and a total of 8 lakh customers during the year 2019-20 by the end of the financial year 2021-22.

The cost of the system mentioned in the table above includes supply, installation, commissioning, 5 year comprehensive maintenance agreement for the complete solar system, bi-directional meter and its testing costs, connectivity charge for SMC BX and meter. Installing solar PV panels on the roof requires a DISCOM and standard structure, allowing a surface of at least 300 mm between the roof surface and the bottom edge of the panel. The cost of the additional height of the required constitution, if any, will be borne by the beneficiary.
Any other fees paid to DISCOM, if the existing power distribution network is upgraded in one to three phases due to the need for phased conversion, will be borne more and more by the beneficiary, as it is not included in the known cost. Referenced in the table above.

If the applicant is a single phase subscriber of DISCOM and intends to install a solar roof top system, which needs to change the phase of its existing service connection from one phase to three phases, the cost required to augment such a situation is single. Se Three Phase is part of strengthening the consumer system. And is not included in the known costs per kWh.

Residential customer of any DISCOM in whose name the residential property is located
Suitable for installing solar PV system on its roof from any supplier selected by
From the list of GEDA empaneled vendors. A list of these vendors is available
Gadda website

Beneficiaries will be able to apply through any registered GEDA
  • Valid only for legitimate traders.
  • The capacity of the solar system must be at least 1 kW.
  • Beneficiary has 100 sq.ft. Shadow free area per kWh capacity
  • Alignment on their roof.
  • The cost of the various capabilities discovered is according to Solar Rooftop PV systems
  • Special features of the scheme for residential roof solar projects - 2018-19
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Solar rooftop Yojana Agency List In gujarat – PDF Download