Gujarat Career Portal (Career Guide) 2021 Apk

Gujarat Career Portal (Career Guide) 2021 Apk

Gujarat State Government has launched Gujarat Career Guidance Portal. The application is an easy entry for students who want to get information related to their career. This portal has been launched by the School and Mass Education Department of the Government of Gujarat. The government has also launched Gujarat Career Guidance APK (Application). This is a great initiative launched by the Gujarat government for children under the Social Education Campaign (SSA). Today in this article we will share with you complete information regarding Gujarat Career Guidance application registration and login process.

Able to login to their progress dashboard by entering child ID and password. This login will help them to explore the information available on the Gujarat Career Guidance Portal. If you do not know your Aadhaar UID, please contact your school teacher and principal. Designed and developed for students in grades 9 to 12. If you want to access the career guidance portal you need to follow the guidelines given below.

We all know that Gujarat State Government has started various government schemes for the people of the state. The government has also introduced online services for students such as scholarships, skill development training programs, etc. The career portal provides an opportunity for students to interact with teachers. Children can enter the career guidance portal by entering their child ID and password.

The Gujarat government has launched online services for students in the state. We all know that students are below the poverty line and from poor families. So they are able to avail the benefits of Gujarat Career Guidance Portal. On which the career guidance portal enables students to access online services. Students are able to get information about careers, college exams, scholarships, professional careers etc. If any student who wants to login to their account needs a user ID and password. If a student cannot access your account, they must contact the principal's teacher.

9th to 12th standard students get benefits under

The career guidance portal provides benefits to students studying in 9th to 12th standard.
Students will be able to avail the benefits by downloading the Gujarat Career application.
Career guidance for students studying in government schools in Gujarat.
Students are able to access their account via username and password.
The following article provides complete information regarding the services available on the career portal.

Gujarat Career Portal Information Table

Portal Name: Career Guide Portal. State of Gujarat
Launched by: Gujarat Government
Department of : Education
Also get the login count
Register online
Benefits in career related information

Oficial Web Page

The Department of Education, Government of Gujarat has introduced a career guidance application for children to get information related to their career. You can login to the career dashboard by entering the child ID (18 digits) and password. Helps you find admissions, careers, colleges, exams, scholarships, professional careers. If you do not know your Aadhaar UID, please contact your school teacher or principal.

Career Guide Application

This application provides authoritative and biased information for career and academic decision making. This application integrates information about careers, colleges, professional institutions, entrance exams and scholarships.

This application is best suited for students of class 9-12 in government schools of Gujarat.

1) Career Directory: Each career is shown as career clusters and career paths. Career path will lead to depth of career by providing information of snapshots and detailed articles.

2) A College Ledge Ledge Directory: A list of college ledge students, programs and courses will take you to the vast opportunities in universities and professional organizations.

3) Entrance Exam Directory: Exams like NEET, JEE and UPSC are popular but this directory will open up the world of your exam which will help you in college admission.

4) Scholarships, Competitions and Fellowships: Students attending each school will benefit from directory information that will support your learning, help build your resume, and equip you for future opportunities.

Career information is available in English.

This application is created by Assam Foundation.

Official website : Click Here

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