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Download Vali Sampark Register Patrak PDF and Word File For Phone Contact

ફોન દ્વારા વાલી સંપર્કનું પત્રક

હોમ લર્નિંગ દરમ્યાન શિક્ષકોએ નિભાવવાનું ફોન સંપર્ક રજીસ્ટરના પત્રકનો નમૂનો ડાઉનલોડ કરો.

There are two ways to live life. One should live a useful life and make the other useful. Creating a shelf life means living life like a fruit that gives fragrance and beauty to others and also decays in others.

 It means to work but in a spirit of charity. Making our behavior in such a way that our absence makes others feel empty.

  Enjoying life means living life like those animals and the only purpose is stomach satisfaction. That is, life and luxury are the conditions of its existence. Speaking of the meaning of human life, it is necessary that life should only be useful, not enjoyable, penance should not be a spectacle, it should be meaningful, not in vain.

People are concerned with the outcome, not the effort.

And the irony is that the effort is in our hands, not the result.

No matter how many calamities he was born into, his constant efforts and constant desire to do something good established him in the status of emperor. If you are determined to get something good, even the biggest obstacle will be removed by defeating you, this is also the main life lesson of Lord Krishna.
Born in Krishna, Dwarkadhish never becomes a prisoner, so he always has to face all the difficulties, obstacles and whirlwinds of life like Putna, Trinavarta, Aghasur, Bakasura, Vyomasur, Charun, Mushtik and Kansa.

Your efforts should also be great if your goal is the best. Constant movement towards our goal with strong will, high self-confidence and dedicated spirit inspires us to become Dwarkadhish by overcoming all the problems of life like Shri Krishna who was born in jail.

Learn to face problems with a smile by becoming Sri Sri Krishna and if you do not become like an emperor say 3.

   K can never be defined in finite terms. Because K a means K, for which all words are truncated and all pictures are truncated. Whose glory seems less when sung.

The one who attracts the attention of others is Lord Krishna. Children are attracted to childish feelings and adults take them seriously. The gopis gave him everything with a wonderful spirit, then became Yogiraj, he made the yogis his own.

We have to give birth to Krishna not only outside but also inside us. The power to resist injustice and oppression, the determination to stand up for religion even in the most difficult circumstances, the courage to challenge injustice and do everything honestly is actually giving birth to Krishna within oneself.