NISHTHA 3.0 Answers PDF | Download NISHTHA 3.0 (FLN) Talim Module Answers in PDF

 NISHTHA 3.0 Answers PDF | Download NISHTHA 3.0 (FLN) Talim Module Answers in PDF

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This time we will celebrate Janmashtami.  We'll make it look like a nice pavilion outside.  We will keep everyone's kanaji here.  Then Aarti, Thal will do everything.  It will be a lot of fun." - Sujal spoke in front of all the child friends. Everyone applauded happily. Sujal will be seventeen years old. Sujal means discipline, humility, simplicity, humility, prudence, all these qualities. Same goes.  For Dharma. Perform regular puja daily. When according to the festival? What?  He has enough understanding that he has to perform the rituals.


Then under the planning and guidance of Sujal, the preparations for Janmashtami celebrations started.  Over time, motorists got involved.  Gradually the preparations were finalised.  Who will do what?  Who will bring what?  Who will do what and when?  It was all shared and organized.  I used to get this kindergarten two or three times a day.  review the work.  Proceed to ask the elders.  He also takes the help of elders when needed.

Harkha's heli was seen in the morning on the day of Janmashtami.  Lord Krishna was all set to celebrate the birth anniversary.  Gradually the kindergarten began to organize everything.  Motorists were also constantly together.  After all everything was arranged very well.  The decoration was very beautiful.  Eventually, Shri Krishna Janmotsav was celebrated with much pomp and gaiety.  Everybody was very happy.  A little idea of ​​kindergarten led to a successful plan.  The excitement of having a beautiful program was on everyone's lips.  In fact, if given the opportunity, children can also do many excellent things.

"Hey, look at this squirrel. How can it not eat! How nice. It comes here every day?"  Laughed and looked in amazement.  One squirrel after another ate the corn kernels.  Like a relative in the house!  This shook everyone.

These animals and birds are also connoisseurs of mankind.  They read and understand the affection of a person's eyes.  Where there is innocence, there is right.  This is the occasion when our uncle went home now.  A squirrel's family lives in their house.  The family lives here because it is convenient to stay at home.  It also compensates for all the squirrels in the house.  The squirrel shows up right when needed.  Make noise and inform everyone about his arrival.  It's like you're screaming!  He should also take care of the house with love.  I was lucky to see this scene.  The example of innocent and pure affection between man and animal is seen here in a living form.  "Come every morning. Make a noise until we open the door. Open the door and it'll be quiet."  Everyone in the house told their experiences.

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Then the squirrel's voice was heard.  Hearing this, we left.  There she was jogging and running here and there.  It felt like it was time to eat.  He was given corn grains.  Start eating sticky.

Seeing him play, jump and eat like this, 'You come here to play, strange squirrel.'  This song of poet Tribhuvandas Vyas was playing in front of my eyes.

NISHTHA 3.0 Answers PDF | Download NISHTHA 3.0 (FLN) Talim Module Answers in PDF

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