What is Amazon Pay for Business? How to use

What is Amazon Pay for Business?  How to use


Amazon Pay for Business

 About Amazon Pay For Business App

Accept payments from all UPI apps

Amazon Pay for Business is your one stop destination for all payments.  As a merchant, you will be able to accept payments from millions of customers across over 70+ BHIM UPI apps directly into your bank account.

Track your occupational health in real time

Now track your daily sales with a single click.  You can also track the health of your business by taking a quick look at your transaction history dashboard.

Zero charges and instant settlement in your bank account

You can accept payments from any UPI app without any commission/fees, which will be credited to your bank account instantly.

Solving Questions

Get the solution of all your queries by just providing your mobile number.  We will call you and connect you with our customer service partners immediately.


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Update yourself with the latest ongoing offers, cashbox and rewards on shopping to accept payments through Amazon Pay.


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What is Amazon Pay for Business?  How to use


Amazon Pay for Business

Learn how to create UPI ID on Amazon Pay, step by step process

Amazon Pay is also an online payment service application that allows you to make payments easily and avail multiple offers.

Amazon Pay is also an online payment service application that allows you to make payments easily and avail multiple offers.

In the digital age, most of the work is done online. You can buy anything sitting at home with just one click. There are many payment options available in this digital age. PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm, BHIM UPI are increasingly being used for online transactions.

Similarly, Amazon Pay is an online payment service application. Payment can be done easily through Amazon Pay. Same as other UPI like Amazon Pay, PhonePay, Google Pay, Paytm, BHIM UPI. But Amazon India does not have any other separate application for making the payment.


●  સતત અને સર્વગ્રાહી મૂલ્યાંકન (SCE) બાબત માર્ગદર્શન ડાઉનલોડ કરો

વાલીને આપવા માંટેનું સંમતિ પત્રક 1 પેજમાં 2 સંમતિ કાઢવા માંટેની PDF ફાઈલ

👉 વાલી સંમતિપત્રક Excel ફાઈલ : Download

👉 વાલી સંમતિપત્રક PDF ફાઈલ : Download

👉 વાલી સંમતિપત્રક PDF ફાઈલ 2: Download

👉 વાલી સંમતિપત્રક Excel ફાઈલ 2: Download

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Steps to Create UPI ID on Amazon Pay

• First of all open the Amazon app in the phone and click on the Amazon Pay option in it.
Click on Payment option and then go to Manage Bank Account and click on Add New Bank Account.
• Now go to Add Bank Account to Linked to UPI and select your bank account in the given list.
• If you use dual seam then you have to select the seam in which the bank is registered.
• Now you have to click on Verify Your Mobile Number. Amazon will verify your number by sending an SMS.
After verifying mobile, click on link bank account.
• Now you need to verify your Debit Card details, for which you need to enter the last 6 digits of your card and expiry date.
• After that go to set your UPI PIN and create your PIN. Your Amazon UPI ID has now been created.


Amazon Pay for Business

 What is Amazon Payments and how does it work?

Amazon Payments, or what is now known as Amazon Pay, is one of the payment online payment platforms that undoubtedly competes with PayPal. It is widely used in America, but not so much in Europe, at least not yet.

But, what are Amazon payments? Is this safe? What benefits can you give us? All this and much more we will talk about below so that you can get to know this platform completely online.

What is Amazon Payments

amazon pay

Amazon Payments is a payment online payment platform that allows customers to pay for their purchases using an Amazon account. To make payments, customers can use a credit card, bank account or simply use the balance in their Amazon Payments account.

In other words, users use the information already stored in your Amazon accounts to make payments and make instant payments on all web pages that accept the payment platform. Users can click on the Amazon Payments button at the bottom of your purchase order to view payment status or issue a full or partial refund.

Amazon Payments credits the funds to the payment account as soon as the customer's transaction passes through it. It is important to mention at this stage that after 14 days the funds in the account are kept as a reserve and after that time, the funds can be transferred to the bank account or Amazon gift card.
Is Amazon Payments Secure?

When using online payment platforms, Doubt will help you, especially in case of important payments. Each of these platforms has security systems that make them more or less secure. But, undoubtedly, the strong point in the case of Amazon Payments is that it protects user data. Why exactly, because you can buy in online stores that do not provide your personal data or are not affiliated with Amazon or require registration at the time of purchase.

In other words, Amazon will protect your identity and that business online business (ecommerce) will only know about your account that is provided for payment. But it will not be a bank account or credit card. Email will work, as it already does in PayPal, only in this case, we are talking about the email with which we have registered with Amazon.

Thus, by ensuring that the transaction is done effectively and otherwise, Buying becomes an Amazon intermediary when making a purchase online while suing.


advantages and disadvantages

When it comes to online payments, Amazon Payments follows the same guidelines as PayPal, which is another successful platform. However, like any of them, it has its pros and cons.

In general, the benefits of Amazon Pay are as follows.

    There is a possibility to make purchases quickly without entering your personal data, but with a payment method they are already in the process of managing everything.
    You have the Amazon A to Z Guarantee, which protects you if the product is not as expected, damaged or broken, or if it is not shipped to you.
    Buy safely, as you are not required to share your information with the seller, or even give part of it.
    It is possible to donate to NGOs.

Speaking of the shortcomings, one of this platform is undoubtedly, its implementation. And that's because despite more and more ecommerce positioning PayPal as a payment tool, that's not the case with Amazon Payments. There are not as many online stores as you would like, which greatly limits its use.
Benefits if you are a buyer

Going a little deeper into the platform, we can find benefits for both buyers and sellers. In the first case, one of the main advantages is the fact that, as a buyer, you do not need to provide any personal information in your purchases. In fact, you don't even need to provide your address to place an order, Amazon already has that data and takes care of everything.

In addition, you have 90-day protection to claim, something that, with other platforms, for example, PayPal, has been reduced to 60 days.
Benefits if you are a seller

As a seller, there are advantages to using Amazon Payments, although it starts with one major disadvantage. And that is, by not giving data to buyers, you can't enroll that customer in your database, and so you can't count it for promotion or subscription issues (unless that person agrees with them).

But, an advantage for these groups is the information needed to be able to access or ship an invoice. This information is provided to sellers through your seller account, and will be protected so that you can use it freely, but only with the relevant function, to send you the product you have purchased.

On the other hand, the vendors will also be protected from fraud, thus protecting not only the workers but also for the vendors.

How does Amazon Payments work?

 Customers can withdraw funds from their Amazon Payments account at any time once it becomes available. It usually takes around 5 to 7 business days depending on the bank to withdraw funds from the bank account.

It is also important to note that all shipping and payment information is stored securely in an Amazon Payments account that the customer can use to pay for their goods or services.

This way, you don't have multiple accounts, as all you have to do is sign in to Amazon and use your Amazon Payments account to make payments without having to re-enter credit card information or other personal and financial information.

Right now, the possibility of using Amazon Payments is on e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Prestashop, Magento and WooCommerce. It uses all the special plugins to enable this payment system and is very easy to set up and use, giving customers more options in the online store's store.

How to Pay with Amazon Pay

If it's still not clear to you, you should know that the payment method in Amazon Payments is always done by Amazon (or from Amazon Prime). To do this, you need to register and have a means of payment. As you know, the only accepted ones in this case are debit cards, credit cards or prepaid cards, accepting the most common issues such as MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Visa Electron, Visa ...

Once you have this payment method, you can use it in eCommerce where they have enabled payment via Amazon Payments or Amazon Pay via computer, mobile or Alexa and voice commands.
Amazon Pay Costs and Fees

Amazon Pay Costs and Fees

While there is no charge for buyers to use this payment method, it is not so for sellers. In order to accept payments through Amazon Payments, they must pay PayPal, as is the case with PayPal.

Thus, the rates are as follows:

If they are national transactions, it is divided into five branches based on the amount of money. Unique:

  •     500 less than 2.500 corresponds to a rate of 3.4% +, 0.35.
  •     2.500,01 corresponds to a rate of 10.000 to € 2.9 0.35% + € XNUMX.
  •     10.000,01 corresponds to a rate of 50.000 to € 2.7 0.35% + € XNUMX.
  •     50.000,01 corresponds to a rate of 100.000 to € 2.4 0.35% + € XNUMX.
  •     €100,000 plus 1.9%+, corresponds to a rate of 0.35.

If they are international transactions, payments will require additional fees depending on where the payment is made, if in Europe, Canada, Albania ... in the sense:

  •     The European Economic Area and Switzerland do not pay commissions.
  •     Canada, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Montenegro, United States, pays a commission of 2%.
  •     Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russian Federation Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine will keep 3% commission.
  •     The rest of the world is governed by a 3.3..XNUMX% commission