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ZoomQuilt Website: Amazing Website

ZoomQuilt is a compelling, infinitely-zooming image and website created by Berlin-based artist Nikolaus Baumgarten and a team of illustrators, weaving together a patchwork of separate imaginary images into a single, seemingly endless shot Is. The work, which was inspired by the ongoing Gridcosm project, is also available as an Android Live Wallpaper.

we're accessing the image and at some point instead of looking at the pixel the dimensions of the fist we see the subsequent picture, we repeat the process over and over (actually, it's kind of a fairly smooth process and if artists did an honest job, we won't see the "add" at all) and eventually we get to the first picture. In general, multiqueeny, just for artists.

And how is this done? In fact, you would draw it frame by frame, moreover, some talented animators would have done it well. But practically all extant works of this genre indicate that these are the fruits of collective creativity. There is usually a team of artists, a project coordinator and a programmer who actually assembles it together and writes an interface.

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quilt infinity pictures?

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Zoom is a replacement medium in quilt art that uses modern-day technology to create artwork that appears to be never-ending. Art takes forever to focus. Zoom quilts were first popularized in Hollywood movies like Men in Black where the universe is constantly zoomed out. We've gathered 3 amazing Zoom Quilt videos that will blow your mind.